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DonatEazy aims at simplifying the complex.

Donor Management is messy. Reporting is messy. We saw a problem and here's the solution.

DonatEazy maintains your donor database for you and also helps you record all the important donations received by your respective donors and automates the process of issuing the Donation receipt to them.

With this utility you can say your goodbyes to all your concerns and issues that you normally faced while maintaining their database and what's better than the fact that you can do so from anywhere, any-time and from any device.

Donor Management

Manage your Donors, seamlessly mapping all their required details.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support to solve all your requests.

Real Time

Work from multiple locations in real time.

Multi-Device Support

Work from anywhere, any-time, from any device.

Our Solutions

Donor Management

Our product ensures that all donors are given unique identities and a track is available to ascertain the number of times Donations have been made and the volume of the same along with the receipts issued to them.

Donations Management

DonatEazy helps you track all donations made for the specific purposes the Donors select which helps you in optimum utilisation of the funds received.


DonatEazy helps you generate instant receipts for the donations received. Forget the tasks of carrying receipt books, filling them manually by keeping a carbon in between the pages, peeling off the receipts and issuing them to the donor and then updating the same in your accounts.

DonatEazy does away with all of these. You go to a Donor, collect the donation, fill the form and click on submit.

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